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All of these pictures are of fish you can get at
These are their pictures, used with permission.

This is an albino guppy.

These are back guppies.

The male is courting the female

This one is called aocwhite. AOC means any other color

This is a green guppy

This is a half black aoc guppy

More half black aoc

A half black leopard guppy

A half black pastel guppy

This is a half black purple

These are half black reds

This is a half black yellow

This is one of the moscow guppy strains, and the one I wish I could afford.

Another moscow

This one speaks for itself

This one is a multi

This is one of a strain of purples

Big picture of one of the reds

Some very pretty reds, also some I want

This is a solid snakeskin guppy

This is a veriegated snake skin