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These links are informative links
Aquarium Fish Magazine and a couple of others
Freshwater And Marine Aaquarium magazine
Fishgeeks a good site for goods and livestock and information
fishlink central a good site if you are looking for something specific
The American Livebearer Association
Tom's place will be an excellent place to visit when it is done
wet thumb aquatics some info and equipment for large scale operations
Aquatic Gardeners Association.
aquaweb lots of information here
the krib information on everything aquatic.
F.I.N.S Fish Information Service.. Tons of information here about anything to do with fish An extenstive site with info and pictures, they even have a pond section.. lots of information about plants, they also sell aquarium plants. Check out Jack's info pages then Aquatics for some great aquarium plant growing tips.
Go here for a recipe for poor mans dulpa drops. This is great for plants. for information about anything fish related and some games.

These links are for livestock A very extensive aquatic plant site.
aquabid This is one of the very few places that handles livestock auctions. lots of pictures and information
ekkwill a wholesale supplier.
theplantplace plants for ponds and aquariums. a good plant site with free shipping and no minimum.

These links are for equipment
that pet place fish supplies
pet warehouse more fish supplies good prices and variety. complete ponds, tabletop fountains, and fish supplies.
Go to for lighting supplies. supplies and live fish right to your door. the same place that makes our tanks also sells lights.
zoo lighting stuff.
Casco Group Inc. The maker of the 'expand-a-light'.
Aquarium Systems for lighting.